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Feb 19, 2013 6:00pm PST
and u.s. are looking at that now and they could take action to cut them back but short of that google is untouchable at the moment pretty much. >> reporter: now, despite again the $800 a share close, they are third in value, number two exxonmobil and number one apple. google reportedly considering taking a playbook from apple, a page from the playbook, by opening retail stores to sell going the branded hardware. those reports give no time frame for when google may enter the market. >> they keep reinventing themselves and expanding the brand. >> reporter: that's what makes them successful. no question about it. >> thank you, mark. >>> the chp ready to pull out extra patrols from oakland unless the city can come up with the cash to pay for them. kpix 5 reporter ann notarangelo on what it would cost and where the money would come from. >> reporter: since patrolling the streets of oakland, the police department says in some cases violent crime is down and they don't want to mess with the momentum. >>> reporter: november 1st, the chp joined additional lo
Feb 11, 2013 6:00pm PST
. >> that man is dr. craig stapleton. he clocked more than 8,000 jumps as a member of the u.s. par shooting team. later in the newscast his surprising comments on an industry with very little oversight. >>> our weather is spectacular. >> stunning, wonderful. >> how much time did you plan on spending outdoors in february? compare that to how much time we have spent outdoors. we need the rain and we need the snow in the mountains but yet, you can just go outside and enjoy the sunshine, too, because it's there for the taking we have ourselves another clear night and chilly. in the mid-30s in san jose but look at the highs today. napa 68. february 11, are you kidding me?! oakland 68 degrees. richmond 65. san francisco 63 before a sea breeze kicked in. concord 63. livermore 61. no rainfall on the radar nor will there be for a while because the high pressure dome that gave us the sunny mild weather today is not moving. it is stuck off to our west. it might be a word you would use if you want the rainfall but you would be happy if you want sunshine to know th
Feb 20, 2013 6:00pm PST
on a special letter from the u.s. olympic committee to the bay area. >> have more days like this they will want to bring the olympics here. what a change from yesterday to today. how long does this change stick around? which weekend day is going to be sunnier and milder? golden gate in the distance, sunshine everywhere. your forecast next. couple is rudely awakened to find intruders in their home. t it's what the >>> it's a shocking ordeal that could terrify anyone. a sleeping couple is rudely awakened to find intruders in their home. but it's what they did next that could have neighbors on poplar avenue in santa cruz talking for weeks to come. kpix 5 reporter da lin on how it ended. >> reporter: this is the house here, liz. husband and wife team fought off two dumb robbers. in fact, one of those robbers was actually drunk at the time of the home invasion robbery. the fight ended here on the front lawn with the husband and wife sitting on top of one of the robbers the robber's baggy pants fell off. >> the lights turn on and i kind of sit
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3